Beyond-CMOS electronics

FORTE is an internationally unique programme of activities that builds on the underlying rich dynamics of functional-oxide memristors for substantiating a new era in reconfigurable electronics that will be distinct yet complementing other UK and global efforts employing mature CMOS technologies. Beyond Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technologies is a prominent paradigm for extending CMOS capabilities, both in terms of memory and computation.

FORTE addresses the short- (technology yield) and long-term (CMOS integration) manufacturing challenges, aiding in rebalancing the electronics portfolio from a "more" to a "beyond Moore" focus. We are developing a new class of reconfigurable systems based on functional oxide layers that can be integrated with CMOS technologies and bring new prospects in sustaining developments beyond Moore's scaling constraints.

By combining the multi-disciplinary strengths of our partners, we:

  • Develop end-to-end infrastructure from a range of technologies, design methodologies and applications.
  • Cultivate inter-disciplinary IP for accelerating the commercialization of this disruptive technology.
  • Foster the training of highly skilled researchers.

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Further Information

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