About us

The Centre for Electronics Frontiers brings together diverse expertise ranging from materials science and electronic devices to circuits and systems for transforming modern society through technology.

Our ambition is to push the frontiers of electronics through emerging nanotechnologies, disrupting current ways of thinking by innovating advanced nano/bio-sensors, safe and efficient energy storage solutions and novel Hardware for AI.

We are driven by our vision for building a Resilient World, where the integrity of key infrastructure can be monitored reliably and in real-time. A Healthier World, where bioelectronic and implantable devices can process data intelligently and control biological functions autonomously in a safe and targeted fashion. And a Connected World, where embedded electronic systems can communicate efficiently and effectively, enhancing our quality of life by enabling new services through ubiquitous IoT connectivity.

All of our work is developed by talented researchers in our state-of-art nanofabrication and characterisation facilities and is permeated by an ethos of responsible innovation towards users, their safety, the privacy of their data and the use of natural resources.

The Centre for Electronics Frontiers actively fosters an environment of entrepreneurship and works closely with industry to inspire new innovations in products and applications for making the world a better place.