AI Hardware and Nanoelectronics

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our society, affecting every aspect of our lives. A key bottleneck towards the proliferation of the technology is the lack of efficient hardware that will allow us to embed AI everywhere – well beyond the cloud’s reach.

To achieve this, our researchers develop AI hardware solutions that capitalise on a new electronic fabric – memristors - that offers more functionality for less energy and chip area.

Our Hardware systems for AI deliver state-of-the art capability in:

  1. real-time/on-node data sensing/processing, in response to the power/bandwidth constraints of “continuously on” systems;
  2. efficient in-situ pattern recognition systems, to enhance computation capability locally;
  3. efficientmemorymodules,formitigatingfinitememoryresourcesconstraintsoflife-longlearning/continuously- on systems;
  4. systems capable of reasoning, for consolidating distinct and often dissimilar features/inputs of hardware systems;

You can also watch this video on YouTube

A gloved hand holding a circular nanoelectronic piece of technological hardware